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  • First Standard on "Block Chain + Epidemic Control" Released

    SAC 2020/04/26 15:10:42

    East China’s Shandong province recently released the first local standard on "block chain + epidemic control", the first of its kind in China, which is applying for becoming a national standard.

    DB37/T 3909-2020, Guidelines for establishing information service platform on epidemic control based on block chain technology, can help government respond to social emergency incidents and provide a methodology for making a wise decision by rapidly constructing the efficient and reliable information channels, and timely collecting the real data.

    The standard is developed based on the successful practices of reporting epidemic prevention and control information in Shandong province amid the outbreak of COVID-19. The platform of reporting epidemic prevention and control information, established by using block-chain technology can further enhance the responsibility and effect of information reporting, and help establish a precise and effective intelligent prevention & control system, according to Ma Xiaoou, Deputy Director of Standardization Department, Shandong Administration for Market Regulation.

    Based on block chain technology, the standard defines the structure of platform, function requirements, performance requirements and management requirements. It will effectively regulate the mode for establishing the platform related to epidemic prevention and control, improve the influence, recognition and credibility of such platform and provide key and reliable information in epidemic prevention and control.

    In addition, the standard will set a good example for block chain technology to play its role in social emergencies."Technically, it is the application of block chain technology; however, it can be considered as an exploration or innovation for adopting information technology in social governance mode," said Prof. Zhao Huawei, member of Block Chain Expert Committee, China Computer Federation and Executive Director of Shandong Internet Finance Research Center.