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    Brief Introduction of China National Pharmaceutical Packaging Association


    China National Pharmaceutical Packaging Association (CNPPA)a national non-profit organization, formerly known as the National Pharmaceutical Packaging Technology Centerwas set up in Guangzhou in June 1980; and it was officially renamed to China National Pharmaceutical Packaging Association in November 1991 with the approval by the Ministry of Civil Affairs. The association has nearly 500 members, including pharmaceutical manufactures, packaging material manufacturers, inspection institutions, etc.


    The be better serving the memberships, CNPPA focus on the works of domestic and international technical exchanges, policy and regulation research, establish industrial regulation and standards, in order to reflecting the members’ demand, maintaining the industry benefit and promoting the industry development.


    The Association secretariat consists of eight departments, including research department, technology department, magazine department, foreign affairs department, training department, industry development department, member management and administration department, and human resources and finance department. The industry development department is mainly responsible for technical innovation, entrepreneurship services, industry investment and financing services and consulting, market access and regulatory policy consulting, industry operation data statistics and analysis, enterprises operation strategy and management consulting, and third-party supply chain audit services.


    The Association has twenty professional committees: Plastic container committee, Pharmaceutical packaging material committee, Pharmaceutical glass container committee, Pharmaceutical design committee, Aerosol committee, Pharmaceutical capsule committee, Pharmaceutical rubber stopper committee, Pharmaceutical packaging machinery committee, Standardization working committee, Infusion packaging committee, Pharmaceutical cold chain packaging committee, Pharmaceutical printing committee, Environmental protection committee, Policy study committee, Pharmaceutical excipients committee, Compatibility study technical committee, Medical device packaging committee, Pharmaceutical packaging & Drug safety committee, Food packaging committee, Cosmetics packaging committee. Association also has the experts committee.


    The two edited magazine Pharmaceutical & Packagingand Pharmaceutical packaging & Medication safetyare the technical journals face to the pharmaceutical packaging industry and clinical professional respectively, to provide the latest industrial information, policy and regulation explanation, and the comprehensive industry trends. The annually marketing event “Suzhou Dialogue” Starting from 2018, is an important international exchange platform, major objective is to promoting human health, improving patient experience during drug treatment and advancing development of pharmaceutical packaging/drug delivery device industry. In addition, to research the standardization strategy, draft the association standards, are also the important works. Up to now, nearly 20 association standards have been issued.