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  • The Latest Updates of Chinese Regulation in Y2020

    CNPPA 2020/04/29 10:15:08

    On 24/04/2020, International Pharmaceutical Packaging Consortium (IPPC) have a webinar with CNPPA on the topic of "The Latest Updates of Chinese Regulation in Y2020".

    IPPC is a Non-profit Consortium dominated by laws and technology, which is well-known in the field of medicine. The members of IPPC have participated in the drafting and discussion of regulations and technical documents domestic and abroad for many times. Many well-known glass pharmaceutical packaging materials, rubber & plastic components for pharmaceutical use enterprises and laboratories are members of IPPC Consortium.

    This Webinar is organized by OMPI, presided by the Chairman of IPPC: Andrea Salmaso.

    After a brief exchange of greeting, and exchanged the latest situation of CoronaVirus in each countries. Mrs. Cai Hong (president of CNPPA) and Mrs. Gao Yonghua (General Secretary of CNPPA) shared the latest updates about "Drug registration administrative measures"(Order Nr. 27), "Measures for the supervision and administration of drug production" (Order Nr. 28), "Updates of Chinese Pharmacopeia Ver. Y2020" and "Standard updates for pharmaceutical packaging materials", and then fully answered the questions of the attendances. The attendances were very concerned about change control management, the future position of YBB standard, and the test methods in Chinese Pharmacopoeia VS well-known international pharmacopoeias. Dr. Fabiano Nicoletti, honorary chairman of International Commission of glass (ICG), introduced some key work and new changes of ICG in 2020.

    After this webinar, Secretariat of CNPPA and IPPC believe that the network meeting under the epidemic situation is a better way of communication, and we will continue to maintain communication through network or telephone.

    The main attendances are from International Commission of Glass (ICG), OMPI, Aptar, Datwyler, Nelson Lab, Daikyo Seiko and SG Lab, the Secretariat of CNPPA was invited to attend.