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  • Two Standards on Green Packaging of Express Delivery Released

    SAC 2020/04/28 14:24:40

    SAMR and SAC released two national standards on greening packaging of express delivery via a rapid procedure, and endeavored to popularize the green packaging of express delivery, and reduce the secondary packaging of air transport, fully exerting the role of standards in supporting and guiding the green development of express delivery industry.

    GB/T 38727-2020, Biodegradable plastic films and bags for express logistics transportation and delivery, helps guide the express delivery industry to use biodegradable plastic packaging, improve their degradation treatment and recycle and facilitate the conservation and comprehensive utilization of resources.

    GB/T 38726-2020, Specifications for information exchange of express items in air transport, defines the requirements on content, procedure, format and other aspects of information exchange of express items between delivery service organizations and air transport enterprises, which is of great significance in improving the information transparency of express items, realizing the effective linkage of operations of both parties and ensuring the safety and packaging integrity in air transport.

    Express delivery industry has played an essential role in meeting the demands of the public, especially as a major industry in the epidemic prevention and control and enterprises' resuming work and production.

    SAMR and SAC will continue to develop and release a batch of national standards on green packaging, improve related standards system and contribute to the green revolution of express packaging.