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  • Fourteen National Standards on Disinfectant and Disinfecting Apparatus Released

    SAC 2020/04/26 15:07:56

    SAMR and SAC recently approved and released 14 mandatory national standards on epidemic prevention and control, covering the key fields such as disinfectant, disinfecting apparatus and medical equipment.

    In terms of disinfectant, six product standards are revised to raise the basic indicators of disinfectant, which will greatly improve the quality and safety of disinfectant. GB 38850-2020, List for materials and restricted substances in disinfectant, is designed to control the contents of hazardous and toxic substances in disinfectant at its source. These standards play an important role in enhancing the disinfection in hospitals and public places and for personal prevention and control.

    In terms of disinfection equipment, four revised standards on the sanitary requirements of sodium hypochlorite generator, UV sterilizer, ozone disinfector and hydrogen peroxide gas plasma cryogenic sterilizer are released. They refine the related disinfection and sterilization procedures, expand the application fields of product disinfection, and optimize the relevant technical indicators matching with the changing disinfection patterns.

    In terms of medical equipment, three standards including GB 9706.1-2020, Medical electrical equipment—Part 1: General requirements for basic safety and essential performance, add the  technical requirements on risk analysis, mechanical safety and physical safety, which modify or equivalently adopt the series standards of IEC 60601 combined with the practical development of medical equipment in China.

    These standards will play a key role in improving the safety and quality of disinfection products and medical equipment, contributing to the fight against COVID-19 as well as practically ensuring the health and safety of the public.