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Suzhou Dialogue——2018 Packaging Innovation and Medical Development

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The Chinese government gave a high comment to the breakthrough in the reform of the review and approval system for drugs and medical devices when he addressed annual government work report during the 13th National People's Congress. The tide of reform has not diminished. China has been making progress on the journey to the globalization of drug development and registration. Under the new situation, as the ultimate responsible party for drug quality, MA holders (share the future) have been become fate community with APIs manufacturers, pharmaceutical excipients manufacturers and packaging materials providers. In particular, with the vigorous development of biotechnology, drug products have more specific and customization requirements on APIs, excipients and packaging materials.

Then, numerous problems emerge. To name just a few, how could a drug in R&D select appropriate pharmaceutical packaging system/drug delivery device? How could a pharmaceutical packaging system/delivery device supplier have a deep insight into needs of the MA holder in a timely manner? How could we experience in person innovative products/technologies in the field of pharmaceutical packaging systems/drug delivery devices from home and abroad? How shall we adapt to/ embrace new regulatory actions regarding review, approval and approval of drugs?

"Suzhou Dialogue" will solve the above-mentioned basket of problems and enable the docking between drug R&D and pharmaceutical packaging system/drug delivery device, providing a one-stop pharmaceutical packaging system / drug delivery device and related solutions for MA holders. As a response to new technologies, new policies, and new situations, "Suzhou Dialogue" is committed to creating an international, cutting-edge, highly specialized, pharmaceutical packaging system/delivery device offline platform that integrates exchange, demonstration and site visits.

“Suzhou Dialogue” will invite industry leaders, experts, scholars, and corporate executives to share ideas on drug products, pharmaceutical packaging and other ideas in the field, gather consensus from all parties, collect wisdom, and jointly build an innovation mechanism for pharmaceutical packaging systems/drug delivery devices.

The program is subject to further update. Please follow up with the [meeting information] column of official website We very much welcome everyone's valuable suggestions on “Suzhou Dialogue”.

Some sessions of the conference will have Chinese-English and Chinese-Japanese simultaneous interpreting.

Arrangement Details:

1 Date and venue:
   Date: Registration on Aug 30-Sep 1, meeting Aug 31- Sep 1
   Venue: World Hotel Grand Dushulake Suzhou [No. 299 Qiyue Street, Suzhou Industrial Park, Suzhou]
2 Contact

   Jing Ma, Tel: +86-10-62267180 ext8012, Email:

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